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supply of various types of tools and equipments . :1. 1. analog component trainer 2. 2. c.r.o single beam 5 mhz 3. 3. geometrical models (wooden/plastic) as per given below: i) cube 08 cm sides. ii) rectangular parallel piped 8cm x 15cm iii) sphere 8cm dia. iv) right circular cone 8 cm dia base and 15 cm vertical height v) square pyramid 8cm side base and 15 cm vertical height vi) cylinder 8 cm dia. 15 cm height. vii) prisms triangular 8 cm sides triangle and 15 cm length. viii) prism hexagonal
Tenders Location India  - HARYANA
Tenders Value 33.81 Crores
Tender categeory engineering, plants & machinery 
Deadline 24 dec 2018
Our Ref. ID 181123420900
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